custom kitchen

custom kitchen

custom kitchen

Just as we are all individuals, with our own particular traits and personalities, we long for a kitchen that reflects our tastes and our requirements.

That is where custom kitchens come in. If you’re looking for a custom kitchen in Sydney, look no further than AJB Kitchens, where a unique design will be created, and cabinetry manufactured that will be as individual as you. Having a custom kitchen needn’t break your budget.

Depending on the size of the kitchen and the materials you select for your cabinets and benchtops, you can save in certain areas which then allows you to spend in others – such as having an experienced, specialised kitchen designer create a cleverly conceived kitchen that functions beautifully and makes the most of the space you have.

A true custom kitchen isn’t just selecting cabinetry from a set, pre-made ‘menu’ of doors and drawer sizes to best fit as you can into your space. It’s having cabinets made from scratch that actually perfectly fit your new kitchen, with no fillers that waste space and can look less than ideal. Whether you want to include spice cabinets, lazy Susan, Warri corner, integrated bin, pantry with internal drawers, roller door cabinet, pull-out cutting boards, wine racks, or a kitchen island, these can all be accommodated. Furthermore, if you’re taller or shorter than average you can opt for countertops that are at the optimal height for you, to minimise the chance of getting backache when you’re preparing meals or doing the dishes.

At AJB Kitchens, we use state-of-the-art 3D planning to plan and visualise the finest custom kitchen. We’ll tailor every detail of your kitchen to suit your unique personal style and optimise efficiency and functionality.

At AJB Kitchens, a custom kitchen doesn’t have to be just a dream.

Ask us about custom kitchen designs online or by phone today!

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