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Kitchen Renovations Custom Built in Lane Cove

Pick a kitchen style that will best suit your needs with our kitchen Lane Cove renovation program. The fact is, old kitchens deteriorate over time. Especially those made of low-quality materials. That’s where a kitchen renovation will help. 

With kitchen renovation Lane Cove, you get to create a functional space that will work for the entire family. Since we can provide custom work, we will make sure to maximize your storage, gourmet features, and counter space. 

Besides, the bigger the family, the more important it is to use the maximum capacity of the countertop and seating space. With proper alignment and high-quality materials, we can turn your old-school kitchen into the place of your dreams. 

Just show us your style and design, and we will remodel the kitchen exactly how you asked for. What most people don’t realize is that everyone is spending a good portion of their life in the kitchen. So, having a style, design, and color that adds a unique touch to the room can go a long way. 

Even if you don’t need the kitchen Lane Cove renovation for your own space, you can use it to boost resale value to your home. That’s right! People get kitchen Lane Cove renovations because they want to get a financial payback. Not only does it attract more customers, but it also provides them with functional living space. This is one of those things you never realized you needed when trying to sell a home. So, work out your preferred design and kitchen model, and we will show you all the possibilities.

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Kitchen Renovations Lane Cove

Frequently Asked Questions

“We believe custom means a space designed especially for you.” A custom kitchen is a fully functional space that takes your lifestyle into account. Much like getting a bespoke suit from a tailor, a custom kitchen is designed and built with you and your family’s needs in mind. Best of all you get to choose all the materials and appliances that get installed in your custom kitchen, from the benchtop to the custom cabinetry, to the lighting, and details like taps and joinery.

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, custom designed kitchens have many benefits and are a valuable investment. Look at the advantages of choosing a custom designed kitchen.

  • Build to fit your space
  • Personalize your storage
  • Match your kitchen style
  • Higher quality craftsmanship

If you are looking to save money on labor and carry out the installation yourself, this can be done.

An option we provide is to assist you with the design of your new kitchen. However, we would recommend having someone with knowledge in the industry to assist you with your design to ensure you are utilizing all available space. Also, if the cabinetry is not installed properly, it will not provide a good finish and potentially may not last.

We would recommend purchasing any flatpack cabinetry from an Australian manufacturer as they will use Australian Standards materials, which are of better quality and long lasting. We can offer pricing on flatpack cabinetry should you prefer to carry out the works yourself.

A kitchen is the hub and heart of a home and holds a huge number of products. A rough guide is 250kg of items will be held in your kitchen at any one time and you will walk over 2000 kilometers over fifteen years of use. This means your kitchen needs to be built to withstand constant use.

We always consider the following for a kitchen renovation:

  1. Budget
  2. Style and design
  3. Usage and lifestyle
  4. Spatial flow
  5. Best lead times for your renovation
  6. Product and workmanship guarantee

Your brand-new kitchen will come with a 10-year warranty on all the board material and workmanship and a lifetime warranty on all the hardware like drawer’s runners and hinges.

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