Kitchen Styles styles

Kitchen Styles

The kitchen is the main gathering place and the central hub of any home.

Cooking and eating is merely a limited perspective on the workings and functionality of a kitchen area. It is often used as a gathering area for friends and family and is the most used room in the household.

Choosing the right style to fit in with the rest of the house and also maximise its potential can be daunting. Different factors that you should consider when choosing your kitchen style.


The architecture of your home can play an important factor on the right kitchen style for you.

If the kitchen theme you desire conflicts the overall build of the home, incorporating elements of both modern and traditional kitchens is the best solution for you.

These two combined will create a transitional effect that complement each other and bring the two themes seamlessly together.

1new kitchen functionality

Kitchen Functionality

Bypassing all the home styles that are currently determining the style of your kitchen, take a step back and think about how you will use your kitchen. If you are an individual that likes to entertain in the kitchen and have guests round to gather in that area, then having a special design is essential.

If you live in a busy family home, then the best tip I can give you would be to stay away from high gloss and stainless steel. If you have little ones running around then you will find your children’s fingerprints everywhere!

If you’re a chef in the making and absolutely love cooking then ensuring you have a large amount of counter space is an intelligent choice.

Other Rooms in the Home

This tip is more common sense than anything...take a look at the other rooms inside your home. Do they follow a similar pattern? If you take a look inside the other rooms and find that they follow a similar style and colour scheme, you should format your kitchen around these. This will ensure that the kitchen fits in and does not appear to be a detached room that doesn’t belong.

Take notes of the colour choices and the furniture that you have in other rooms. If your home mainly consists of neutral colours and patterned furniture, then a traditional kitchen would fit in with the cosier nature that your home portrays. On the other hand, modern kitchens seem to be the more appropriate option in a brighter, more airy home.

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4.home layout

Home Layout

The layout of your home does play a significant part in the overall style of kitchen that you choose.

If you find your home is open plan, then a modern and contemporary styled kitchen with a large island would be a perfect match.

A Personal Touch

Don’t just let the factors inside your home determine the overall style of your kitchen. Your personality, likes and dislikes can also play a huge role in choosing your style. If you like bright colours then a contemporary style kitchen would suit you better. On the other hand, if you’re a person that appreciates wood grain and natural colours then a traditional style would probably suit you better.

If you are still struggling after reading this what style of kitchen would best suit you then talk to us. We can discuss the different style options that are available to you and hopefully find the perfect match to fit your home and lifestyle.

With such a huge range of factors that potentially influence the overall look and style of your kitchen, working alongside AJB Kitchens will ensure that you choose the perfect kitchen style.

Take a look at some of our projects and design themes to get inspired for your upcoming renovation!

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