Handleless Kitchen

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Handleless Kitchen

A handleless kitchen is simply a kitchen with fixtures, appliances, or cabinetry that do not feature traditional handles.. A handleless kitchen will give a modern, sleek and streamlined look. While there is a plethora of handle choices which also achieve a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, a handleless kitchen leans towards a minimalistic look.

The uninterrupted lines of a handleless kitchen will make a small kitchen look larger, and allow other design features, such as splashbacks and accessories, to stand-out without any competition.Handleless drawers and cabinets are now more functional, opening & closing is now completely effortless without the clutter of pulls and knobs, handleless kitchens are aesthetically appealing and allow a fantastic uninterrupted visual flow to your overall kitchen design. Another benefit is ease of cleaning your cabinets.

All that’s needed is a simple swipe across the surface.. Just as well, they are also timeless-- which is a major plus if you want to only renovate your kitchen once.

Building or renovating this style of kitchen in Sydney may seem like a hefty task to take on, but it certainly doesn't have to be that way.

AJB Kitchens boasts a team of talented designers, manufacturers, and kitchen renovation specialists that are excited to take on your handleless kitchen project.

Not only can you save thousands of dollars on your renovation project through AJB Kitchens, we’ll take care of the entire process from start to finish.

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