How to Achieve a Luxury Kitchen Look Within Your Budget?

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Luxury kitchens are all about pushing the boundaries of style and turning one's hand to something unorthodox.

Luxury is an adjective that you attribute to something that makes a statement loud and clear. Talking about kitchens, everybody wants it to be a statement space too, not withheld by constraints and entirely conformant for your needs. 

But let's face it, discovering this inspiration to get a luxury kitchen designed for yourself is an expensive affair. 

However, that doesn't mean that your dream of getting a luxury kitchen design for your house should hit a dead end already. 

In this blog, we shall discuss some ways by which you can achieve a luxury kitchen look without having to pay through your nose for the same.

1. Work On the Finish

For many of us, it is hard to get over the fact colour and theme are not the only deciding factors for the overall look of your kitchen. 

The finishing you give to your kitchen cabinets and other inclusions defines the kitchen in the most flashy way. The whole point with selecting a suitable finish is that it should reflect grace and grandeur in your space at first glance itself. 

But how is it that one gets a luxurious kitchen finish on a budget? 

So, among the popular finishing options, one often gets to hear about matte and polyurethane. 

Melamine finish is one feasible alternative to matte and polyurethane. It gives a similar appearance to kitchen cabinets but is very convenient and comfortably priced as well. 

2. Colours Do Matter: Go For Black

The colours that you choose and other elements that you select to complement it also determine if your kitchen can be tagged as a luxurious one. 

Black brings a wholesome amount of timelessness and class, which we purposely ignore at times. The lack of enough knowledge about what pairs with black just perfectly is probably the reason. 

So here's the fix. 

Go for an all-black kitchen cabinet selection along with white or silver accents to tone down the darkness. This camaraderie never fails to impress and doesn't cost a dime either. 

If budget permits, getting wooden flooring in place would just be the icing on the cake with this look. 

3. Play With the Space And Lights

Modern concepts of luxury pivot around simplicity more than anything else. 

As they call it, minimalist design entails a great degree of finesse but a very affordable price. 

A selection of sharp cabinetry, marble counters, splashback, a modish but forthright chandelier, and good-old black bar stools is perfectly fit for creating a modern luxurious kitchen space. 

The goal should be not trying to do a lot and leaving some space untouched alongside good bright lighting that illuminates the countertops well enough. 

4. Taking Care Of The Drawers

Drawers are an essential part of the kitchen. Therefore, the design and placement of drawers is an active concern when it comes to kitchen design

Firstly, the decision to go for drawers instead of cupboards is purely based on convenience. Utilitarian designs are indisputably luxurious; make no mistake. 

Just pull out a drawer, and every utensil or ingredient you want just comes to you. Placing drawers just beneath the counters makes it easy to get one's hands onto stuff. 

Give every drawer a good finish, as discussed before, and you're ready with a massive component of a dream luxury kitchen space. 

5. Don't Forget Marble Look Benchtop

Marble look benchtop has always been a synonym for luxury, and luckily, today, it doesn't cost as much as it used to. 

Undeniably the most beautiful and elegant material to prepare kitchen slabs and counters, you're in for a genuinely high-class look with marble look stone. But, again, combinations are what matter in the end. 

Pairing marble look islands with alcove walls and a giant chandelier at the centre is one such combination that can never go wrong. 

It’s the ultimate sumptuous kitchen look with the most readily available materials. 

6. Splurge On Accessories

Quite often, people spend excessively on cabinets, themes, colours, finishes, and polishing, such that it becomes difficult to accommodate quality accessories. 

Luxury kitchen accessories not only amaze with their extravagant designs and fitment but are much more practical than you believe. 

Thus, a luxury kitchen design cannot be complete without must-have accessories like Kitchen Baskets, Pantry Units, Pull-Out Shelves, etc. 

399 Ter PK Kitchens - Gollan Avenue - Oatlands 28 July 2022

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