How to Compare a Kitchen Quote Apple To Apple

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Finding the right contractor for kitchen redesigning can be an uphill task in itself. What's further endearing is the dilemma that arises from scouting for options and seeking multiple quotes. 

So, it is always better to contact more than one contractor and explore their offerings in detail. It not only helps you get the best deal possible but also defines the exact scope of work necessary for the kitchen that you plan to build. 

Those who have already gone through this process will know how confusing the problem of is when you keep getting estimates from different parties. So, what's the way out? 

Comparing different plans and quotes on many parameters other than the price is the only way to make an informed decision. So, let's see how to make a fair comparison and choose a good contractor for your project.

6 Tips To Make Comprehensive Comparisons Between Kitchen Quotes

1. Always Compare Cabinets

Cabinets influence the pricing of kitchen renovation plans significantly. 

When comparing kitchen quotes from different service providers, ensure that you compare the cabinet features to determine which one's worth investing in. Make a primary comparison based on the size of the cabinets. 

Think twice about finalising a kitchen designer giving a favourable quote but compromising on cabinet sizes. 

Similarly, compare the layout and extent of the cabinets carefully too. 

Kitchen renovation plans with a higher quote can sometimes be preferable as many incorporate higher weight-holding capacities, durability, and bending resilience of the cabinets. 

Overall, the comparison of quotes should include a detailed comparison of cabinets based on requirements, quality, and material. 

2. Don't Compare Apples With Oranges

You need to know the kind of kitchen design and layout feasible for their house from the beginning. 

Subsequently, the process should be to scout for kitchen renovators offering designs with similar layouts. It becomes easier to compare and choose once you receive quotes for similar designs. 

Without doing so, one can miss out on some really good and exciting designs.  

3. Comparing Prices Prudently

Cheap pricing for kitchen designs is not always profitable. Kitchen designs and components should be robust and durable because most of us want it to be a fruitful one-time investment. 

Unfortunately, some companies offering surprisingly cheap plans end up being a disappointment. 

Consequently, expensive designs simply don't guarantee quality either. 

Therefore, while comparing quotes, assessing all parameters discussed so far is beneficial, along with taking reviews from other customers to ascertain whether spending a fortune on an expensive package is worth it or not. 

Also, besides seeing that the pricing is suitable for your budget, ensure that components like liability insurance are compulsorily included. 

4. A Closer Look At The Materials

After you shortlist similar design layouts, there may be vast differences in the quoted prices. 

To make a good decision, compare the surfaces and materials as well. 

Similar designs may have similar-looking surfaces, but inquiring about the materials used in preparation can reveal a lot about the quality of kitchen design you'll get eventually. 

Also, companies that use only premium materials quote dramatically high prices. 

Thus, the only way out is to gain knowledge about good-quality materials and see which company is offering designs with these materials in the minimum possible range. 

5. Don't Miss Kitchen Accessories

The problem with seeking multiple quotes is that it gets challenging to make a choice when every second quote is of almost the same price. 

One way to make life easier is by seeing which company offers more within a similar range. Inquiring about the accessories can be an excellent way to do this. 

Dish organisers, Accessory drawers, Cutlery and cookware organisers, Spice racks, etc., are some things to look out for. 

The best possible kitchen renovation plans involve personalising kitchen accessories for you as they tend to integrate pretty well with the final design. If any of the quotes do not have such offerings, you can try and negotiate for a good deal. 

6. Compare the Warranties

Since kitchen designing involves some serious investment, it's always good to have multiple warranties for equipment, materials, etc. 

Kitchen designing companies that offer warranties covering both manufacture and assembly are preferable. 

Further, a single contractor offering all these warranties is a better scenario because it'll be easier for you to manage warranty claims if the need arises. Many contractors even warranty the installation process. 

Thus, a contractor giving a favourable quote along with good-quality materials and a plethora of warranties is the one to look out for. 

092 PK Kitchen - Kings Langley - March 2022

Over to you!

The kitchen is the fulcrum of all proceedings in the house. For many, the day begins in the kitchen and ends here. Thus, choosing artisans and designers to transform your kitchen becomes an important task. 

Use these tips to compare the quotes given to you by contractors and get the most out of your deal easily.

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