7 Ideas to Design a Modern Kitchen

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Good ergonomics are more important in the kitchen than any other room in the home.

Get it right and you’ll create a smart space with good flow where every meal is cooked perfectly and in style.

Get it wrong and you’ll be frustrated daily.

Here are 7 clever tips to design a modern kitchen

1. The traditional kitchen work triangle has evolved beyond geometry

The ‘kitchen work triangle’ refers to the relationship between the stovetop, fridge and sink, which were traditionally arranged at points of an invisible triangle.

Today, however, our kitchens come in countless configurations, from U-shape, L -shape, C - shape or large open-plan layouts to narrow single- or double-walled galley styles.

These days we also have more appliances, such as microwaves and dishwashers, so it’s often impractical to plan your kitchen according to the triangle. Instead, consider which appliances you use most and allow unobstructed lines of movement between them.

AJB Kitchens is divided into two main work zones. The cooking and food-preparation zone combines ample bench space with the cooktop, oven, sink and other key appliances; while the beverage zone groups the wine fridge, liquor cabinet and a second sink. 

2. Plan the right distance between benches and fixtures

Having enough room between two benches is essential, too little and you will feel cramped, too much and you will constantly be stretching and reaching for hot, heavy pans. A distance of 1000 millimetres is often regarded as the minimum, while 1200 millimetres is ideal for most. More than 1200 millimetres between benches and fixtures can result in ergonomic inefficiency and wasted space

3. Store crockery near your dishwasher, not above it

To save your sanity and your spine, keep plates and glasses on either side of your dishwasher, or even behind it if you have two facing benches. This lets you unstack your dishwasher with smooth, swift movements.

Housing crockery in wall-mounted cupboards directly above a dishwasher forces people to lean over it when it’s open and reach up awkwardly to put away clean dishes. This kitchen cleverly avoids such a fate by positioning the dishwasher in an island bench.

4. Watch your head!

If you’ve ever leant forward to smell that delicious sauce simmering on the stove and bumped your forehead on the range hood, you’ll know how important it is to position wall-mounted appliances above your head height. The minimum clearance in Australia between stove and range hood is 600 millimetres for an electric stovetop or 700 millimetres for a gas stove.

5. Swap cupboards for drawers

Instead of searching inside dark cupboards looking for a lost utensil, it makes sense to simply open a drawer and see its contents at a glance. Drawers are ideal for storing anything from pots and pans to plates and perishables, just opt for maximum weight bearing systems. 

6. Clever solutions for tricky corner cabinets

Gone are the days of stretching into deep corner cupboards, thanks to carousels that spin internal shelves around like a lazy Susan or systems such as the warri corner, which swing the contents of your corner cupboards into the kitchen. 

7. Design kitchen lighting with work zones in mind

Dimmable LED downlights coupled with a beautiful pendant provide a general ambient glow, though without task lighting you may find you’re slicing food in the shadows. To illuminate important bench space and work zones, install LED downlights or strip lighting under wall-mounted cabinetry.

Over to You!

So those were some ideas and inspirations fordesigning a modern kitchen. However, a lot depends on your own interpretation of a modern kitchen to come up with ideas for developing a contemporary space. A simple piece of advice, in the end, would be to think of your kitchen design in practical terms and create a design that is sleek, functional, and practical. Contact Us at AJB Kitchens and we can discuss how we can help with getting your dream kitchen.

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